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Steel Ball Production

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Steel ball production flow:

  1. Wire. The wire coils are checked for diameter and chemical composition.

  2. Heading. Wires are cold forged into spherical shapes.

  3. Flashing. Steel balls are ground between two metal plates, to eliminate the seam and blast / smooth the surface.

  4. Heat Treating. Specially designed furnaces are used to harden balls. The balls are then quenched and tempered to reach standard range of hardness. ( Some soft steel balls do not through this process )

  5. Grinding. Similar flashing process for perfecting the sizing, sphericity, and smooth the surface finish.

  6. Fine grinding / Lapping. Additional grinding process to perfect the sizing. sphericity, and smooth the surface finish.

  7. Cleaning. Steel ball's surface thoroughly cleaned ( The carbon steel ball will be slightly oiled by anti rust oil )

  8. Inspection. Steel balls are checked for diameter, surface, sphericity.

  9. Packing. Steel balls are packed into bags/cartons/drums for shipping.

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